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Fulfillment errors should automatically clean up once the permission is granted

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We are using the SOAP fulfiller to fulfill a permission.  Sometimes the fulfillment succeeds but the verification fails.  It happens often enough that we have to manually go clear the fulfillment request witha  message that is was fulfilled on such and such date whatever.  The enhancement we would like to see is if the collection comes back and shows the permission was given it would be a great help to clear out the fulfillment request that wont go through with a message saying permission was verfied through collection or something like that.  that way its not a manual cleanup of these fulfillment requests.


Fulfillment and Provisioning
  • What you are describing sounds like how I've seen the system work.  After a fulfillment is sent, a record is kept in IG.  On every subsequent collection/publish of that application, the fulfillment item is validated to see if the change has occured.  If so it should move it to verified state.   You can then run a closed loop verification report to see which items are outstanding, or look at the fulfillment status.   Why is your collection and verification not working?   Maybe something weiid is happening with your SOAP fulfiller?  Are you processing the response back correctly?  What state are your fulfillment items in after fulfillment but before (failed) verification?