Idea ID: 2873892

IG reviews Start on the a selected day of the month every month.

Status: Under Consideration

The current options to start a review is same day of the month.  which is based off of when the review started or stopped. 

The first or last day of the week of the month.  so for example first monday of the month.

or last day of the month.

Problem we are running into is if the review doesnt start automatically because of an issue it behaves differently than what we really want.

We would like the review to start the first of every month because it is for a sox compliancy chech that we have been reviewing manually every month for years.

But it needs to start on the first of the month.  We tried same day every month but when it failed to start and we started it on the 3rd because of a weekend it then scheduled it for the third.  So basically it would just continue to get off whenever it failed to start automatically.

Then we tried last day of the month and the problem is when it failed to start and I started it on the first of July it didnt schedule it for the 31st of July it skipped to the next month and Scheduled for the third of August.

Basically we would really like to say start it on the 1st of every month which should be an option.  so if there is a glitch it still starts the next month on the 1st.

  • So I left why its failing out because its a moot point.  The reason it is failing is not important.  If it fails it throws off the schedule.  Instead of just being able to pick a day of the month and start on that day every month.  I actually have a ticket open with support on the issue for why its failing and its been open for about 8 months.  But we have to keep restarting it.  This enhancement is striclty about the scheduling system on the Reviews being hard to use and not able to pick a consistent start date.

  • Why are your reviews failing to start?    Is it a problem with the data you are reviewing, or is it failing to start because the scheduling component is hard to use effecctively?